The village of Bălănoaia was developed around the CFR Bălănoaia train station and, since 1968, has been included in the Cetatea village. Geographically framed in the valley of the great Danube river and a crossing area for the plain, the territory of Frătești commune, in the neat composition is found in the village of Bălănoaia, an offer of favorable conditions for the appearance and could not be offered more time, many of them with continuity of millennia.

The first evidence is the existence of the man who gave him the paleolithic era, testifying in this regard being a flint carver belonging, in all probability, to the famous “pund culture” (upper paleolithic), and similar flint blade from the resort paleolithic on the Malul Roșu near the city of Giurgiu, discovered on the valley of Făgădăului.