The church in Drăgănescu, having as a protector Saint Jerome Nicolae, is a simple village church, which still retains, in the living memory of its community, the godliness and faith of the one who painted it.

At the exit from the town of Mihăilești, located on the road that connects the cities of Bucharest and Alexandria, coming from Bucharest, at kilometer 28, a road turns sharply to the right.

The road leads to the town of Malul Spart. Moving away from the national road DN6 and passing through a deserted field, after 5 kilometers on county road 412A, Drăgănescu locality appears as secret. Drăgănescu is a small town in Giurgiu county, located between Mihăilești and Buturugeni, on the bank of the dam built on Arg , at this point.