At the end of the 19th century, the commune was part of the Marginea grid of Vlașca county and was made up only of the village of residence, with 1000 inhabitants. There was a church and a school with 51 students in common. At that time, on the current territory of the commune, the commune of Braniștea also operated in the same net, with only the village of residence, with 579 inhabitants, a church and a communal school mixed with 22 students (all boys). In 1931, Braniștea commune was abolished, her village passing to Oinacu commune. By 1938, it was established on the territory of the commune and the village Comasca, a new village, with straight streets.

In 1950, the commune became part of the regional city of Giurgiu in the Bucharest region. In 1968, he went to Ilfov County, the village of Comasca being then abolished and combined with the village of Braniștea. In 1981, a regional administrative reorganization led to the transfer of the commune to Giurgiu county. Comasca village was re-established in 2006.