In the canyon of the Cherni Lom River, which winds its meanders among steep cliffs and fertile fields, is the smallest village in the Ruse Region. There is no coverage of any of the mobile operators, there is no urban noise, and there are not even people for a polling station. The great lord there is nature.
There are three legends about the name of the village of Pepelina. One is romantic, the other is pragmatic and the third is a little scary. According to a beautiful story, there was a girl named Pepelina, who was amazingly beautiful and, in order not to be stolen by the Turks during the Ottoman yoke, her father locked her in a square hole, high in the rocks but they found her, and she jumped off a sheer cliff. The village was named after her. The second is associated with the ash that raised the coal mined for the blacksmiths in the neighboring village of Cherven. The third, slightly terrifying but credible legend, is that there are many viper snakes in the area that gave the village its name. There is certainly truth in each of the stories but what we can see and experience in Pepelina today is the incredible blend of sports and history.
The smallest village is actually a great start for several tourist routes – familiar and unfamiliar. Tourists visiting the area have the opportunity to choose, which direction to go and how difficult their transition is. Two of the routes are circular – depart from one place and return there, and the other two – with a transition.