On August 24, 1807, the armistice of Slobozia was concluded between the Russian and Turkish troops in the war of 1806 -1812. At the end of the 19th century, the commune was part of the Marginea square of Vlașca county and had 1753 inhabitants in the only village, a steam mill and a church. The Socec yearbook of 1925 records it in the Danube grid of the same county, with 2864 inhabitants in the villages Slobozia and Florica. In 1931, he acquired the status of suburban commune of the urban commune Giurgiu.

In 1950, the commune was rounded up to the regional city of Giurgiu in the Bucharest region. In 1968, he became a suburban commune of Giurgiu municipality in Ilfov county, a city that in 1981 became the residence of Giurgiu county. In 1989, the concept of suburban commune was renounced, the commune being directly subordinated to Giurgiu county.